Saturday, July 2, 2016

44 87 | CNN's Network movie tribute to Hillary Clinton, July 1, 2016

This story came yesterday, 7/1/2016.

7/1/2016 = 7+1+20+16 = 44 (The next President will be the 44th person to be)


  1. hey zach, i think you should do another hoover dam post.

    There's been so much "86" coding lately...
    (remember lebron won on this "1,186th" game)

    and i just realized that the hoover dam started construction on 7/7 1930...... which means this july 7th will be "86" year mark.

    "terrorist attack" = 809 / 198

    Also, 7/7 is a prime day for another terrorist attack.... It is the "189th" day of the year...

    "Isis" = 198

    "Terrorist" = 142

    142 days before 7/7/16 is February 16th (216)

    Also, thought it was interesting that Herbert Hoover was the "31st" president..... in light of lebron, and all the other 31/13 coding this year...

    i'm sure there's more......

    p.s. wiki has construction beginning in 1931....

    but the history channel said it started in 1930.

    1. nice!...

      Las Vegas Attack = 142

      "Las Vegas, Isis Attack" = 198

      I guess the "7/7" date and Vegas would make sense....

    2. America Under Attack = 168

  2. Just wanted to say that this is my first-time postings anything and I'm intrigued with the work that you do and everybody else that posts in the comments hopefully I can learn gematria myself as well as you all but do the numbers really point to something happening in Vegas on 7/7 because I live in Vegas LOL and i read this article on another website but idk how creditable it is.

    1. I wouldn't worry about it.... most of these "attacks" are hoaxes anyways...

      Gematria will show that these people love to do certain things on certain numbers..... Vegas is just a speculation....

    2. The attacks are mental. All you need to do is suggest that something awful and scary could happen on such and such a date, by doing that u lay a trap that the victim steps into of their own free will.
      Simple but effective. If you take the bait and begin to worry about something awful happening you start to doubt your safety n then u picture even more horrible things your wife, children , parents, etc dead, raped, etc...and then you lose your ability to think logically and r even more prone to suggestions like buying survival kits, guns, for $$$ and allowing the safety first police to violate your privacy in order to keep u feeling safe.
      Fear is the mind killer

    3. That makes sense thanks guys!

    4. That makes sense thanks guys!

  3. Study how voodoo works and then take a look at the "news"