Saturday, July 2, 2016

50 59 72 86 87 104 153 | The death of Elie Wisel, "Holocaust survivor", '86 Nobel Peace Prize winner, July 2, 2016 (52-year Civil Rights anniversary)

Elie Wiesel = 50/59/104 (America = 50) (Kill = 59) (7/4/1776 = 104, message recede)

Another icon dead at 87.  I love that this is the breaking news on what has amounted to 'Hillary Clinton' day, the 52-year anniversary (prophecy) of the Civil Rights act, July 2, 1964, the midway point of the calendar year.

Let us not forget what stands out about Holocaust, showing the trademarks of the gang, '33', just like 'Clinton'.

This news also come at the end of the 114th Congress.

Notice his book won the Nobel Peace Prize 30-years ago.  'Saturn' corresponds with '30'.  The age Jesus started his ministry.

His birth name corresponds perfectly with his July 2 date of death, or 7/2.

It has been a big year for 'The Illuminati'.  Remember, when you sum every number up to '63', it totals 2016.

The gematria of '153' always pops.  He has died 90-days before what would have been his 88th birthday.  It reminds me that the Queen, 'Elizabeth' (88) is 90, and will be dead soon, replaced likely around the same time with Queen Hillary

Let us also decode his birth numerology.

9/30/1928 = 9+30+19+28 = 86 (Year of Nobel Peace Prize)
9/30/1928 = 9+30+(1+9+2+8) = 59 (Elie Wiesel)
9/30/1928 = 9+3+0+1+9+2+8 = 32 (America)
9/30/28 = 9+30+28 = 67 (Freemasonry) (Blood Sacrifice)
9/30 = 9+30 = 39

7/2/2016 = 7+2+20+16 = 45
7/2/2016 = 7+2+2+0+1+6 = 18
7/2/16 = 7+2+16 = 25

What you should take away is how they have linked "civil rights struggles here"; women's right and Jewish rights on the anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, which was mostly targeted at Black Americans, coming 223-days after the death of JFK.

The CNN headline emphasizes his July 2, or 7/2 death.


  1. "Italy ties it up in 78th"
    ESPN headline

  2. Zach please spend some time on what happened today in Wimbledon Djokovic lost to Querrey a monumental upset. He had a 30 win streak in the majors that was his 31st grand slam match, he played in Court 1 round 3, which by itself it's strange as he should have played in centre court as a three times past champion, and he ended up losing 3-1.

    1. Also a little word play to the guy he lost to. An American Sam right around the 4th, his next match will be on the 4th too. They are calling him Grand Sam. Sam is a 33 name. And his last name is queerily close to queer, querrely.

  3. I think you nailed it already Antonis, awesome observations and thank you.