Friday, April 11, 2014

33 | All Things 'Mara'

Mara is a word with '33 numerology' and adorns people, places, companies and even gangs.
  • Mara = 13+1+18+1 = 33
Courtesy of Wikipedia, here is a list of all things 33.




  • Mara (folklore), a specter or wraith-like creature in Germanic and particularly Scandinavian folklore
  • Mara (goddess), from Latvian mythology
  • Mara, also Marzanna, Murava, Morana, Moréna or Morena, in Slavic mythology, the goddess of darkness, death, winter, the Moon and horror
  • Mara (demon), a "demon" of the Buddhist cosmology, the personification of Temptation
  • Mara (Hindu goddess), the goddess of death according to Hindu mythology
  • Sri Mara or Mara Varma, an honorific title of the Pandya kings of south India
  • Mara, a mantra told to Valmiki to chant in Hindu mythology
  • Mara, an abbreviation of Mayura (Sanskrit word for peacock)




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