Tuesday, April 29, 2014

33 Watch | Who cares what Donald Sterling said? | The NBA Is a 33-League

Donald Sterling, 33 year owner of the LA Clippers, 1981-2014

Donald Sterling is in his thirty-third (33) year of ownership with the Los Angeles Clippers, who he has owned since 1981.  He is the longest tenured owner in the NBA currently.

If you think what Donald Sterling said to his girlfriend matters, you're an idiot.  This is just another bullshit media story meant to distract you, and give you a false reason for something happening in the world- no different than blaming 9/11 on Osama bin Laden. 

This is what is going to happen form this ordeal surrounding Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.  The Los Angeles Clippers are going to move to another city, likely Seattle, WA.  That is the entire point of this story, to move a well established team, that is a Western Conference Finals contender, to a new location.  The same way the 33 moved the Seattle Supersonics to Oklahoma City, the 33 are now going to transition the Los Angeles Clippers out of Los Angeles, who already have the Lakers.

As for Donald Sterling, he appears to be another man born into the Gang of 33.  In his case, he was born at the very bottom of the Great Depression, in 1933, the same year Harley and Indian emerged from the Great Depression as the only two remaining American motorcycle companies.  Do you know how?  Numerology does.
  • Indian = 9+5+4+9+1+5 = 33
  • Harley = 8+1+9+3+5+7 = 33
Donald Sterling was born Donald Tokowitz, a name he abandoned to hide his ties to the Zionist regime that runs this world, also known as the Gang of 33, at least by this blog.
  • Tokowitz = 2+6+11+6+5+9+2+8 = 49
In some sources it is reported he was born April 26, 1933, in other sources it is reported he was born April 26, 1934.  Interestingly enough, the story about him making racist remarks broke on his birthday, in which he either turned 81, or 80. 

Hey Donald Sterling, happy belated.  And hey you... if you were previously fooled by the Donald Sterling mainstream reporting, you better slap yourself  into consciousness, and ask yourself why you're still believing mainstream reporting.  Why do that to yourself?

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