Wednesday, April 9, 2014

49 Numerology | Draft and Model

The NFL Draft is coming up and the San Francisco 49ers are one of the model teams of the NFL.  Today also happens to be April 9, or 4/9.  Outside of the NFL, the words model and draft have much in common.  If you were to write a paper, you would likely write a draft first; a practice I'd be wise to use often with this blog but don't.  Or if you were going to build a large project, you might make a smaller model first as an example or prototype.  Strangely enough, both the words 'draft' and 'model' have equal numerology.
  • Draft = 4+18+1+6+20 = 49
  • Model = 13+15+4+5+12= 49
Next year's Super Bowl will be the 49th Super Bowl.

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