Thursday, April 24, 2014

33 Watch | Fence and Gate

By the end of this short post, I will have connected fences to the Illuminati.

The word fence, a word that represents fixed boundaries and obstacles, is a '33 word'.
  • Fence = 6+5+14+3+5 = 33
It is much like the word 'gate', and gates and fences go together.
  • Gate = 7+1+20+5 = 33
The only thing that sounds more sturdy than a fence, is a wall.
  • Wall = 23+1+12+12 = 48
These words, they're Illuminati words, and English is the Illuminati language; an alphabet with words that represent numbers.
  • Illuminati = 9+3+3+3+4+9+5+1+2+9 = 48
Some people say there is no such thing as evil in the world, and they are almost right.  The only thing truly evil in this world, is the Illuminati, because they chose to be.
  • Evil = 5+22+9+12 = 48

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