Saturday, April 12, 2014

Drake | Illuminati Artist | Numerology Exposes Truth... this dude didn't start from the bottom

Drake in his Illuminati Owl t-shirt telling people "All Me" "Started from the Bottom"... what a liar

Aubrey Drake Graham, better known by his stage name "Drake", is an Illuminati artist, like many other major artists we recognize from the television and radio.  Let us look at this crucial information to decode the truth.  We'll begin with his birthday, October 24, 1986.
  • 10/24/1986 = 1+0+2+4+1+9+8+6 = 31
Thirty-one is the first degree of Freemasonry, and Thirty-three is the highest.  October also happens to be the only month with '33' numerology.
  • October = 6+3+2+6+2+5+9 = 33
The number 33 is connected to Freemasonry, world religions, and of course the Illuminati.  It is a number that has been coded into musicians names ranging from Tupac Shakur, to Lil Wayne to "Bird"man; the latter two artists Drake is directly connected to.
  • Shakur = 1+8+1+11+3+9 = 33
  • Lil = 12+9+12 = 33
  • Kim = 11+9+13 = 33
  • Bird = 2+9+18+4 = 33
  • Dogg = 4+15+7+7 = 33
  • Coolio = 3+6+6+3+9+6 = 33
  • Many more...
Before Drake was a megastar rapper, he was on television, and on the show Degrassi:  The Next Generation.  This is a common trait in modern musicians, from Brittney Spears to Justin Timberlake, to Dr. Dre to Jay-Z.  Before they were musicians, they were on television.  *Please don't confuse Degrassi: The Next Generation with Neil deGrasse Tyson, another Illuminati hoax.  Neil Tyson was also born in October, on October 5, 1958.
  • Degrasse = 4+5+7+9+1+1+1+5 = 33
  • Now you know why they flash his middle name so hard
Drake was born in Toronto, Ontario, where he claims he started from the bottom... which is not true.
  • Toronto = 2+6+9+6+5+2+6 = 36
  • Ontario = 6+5+2+1+9+9+6 = 38
  • Toronto, Ontario = 36+38 = 74
If Drake starts making music videos where he is on the Cross, someone better tip him off, or he might end up like Tupac.  This I doubt however, because Drake is a corny dude that has corny fans, which is not the same as Tupac.  As for Tupac, his last music video was 'Smile', in which he is shown throughout the video on the cross, much like Jesus.
  • Cross = 3+18+15+19+19 = 74
  • Jesus = 10+5+19+21+19 = 74
Let us not forget, Drake is a "Hip-Hop" artist.
  • Hip = 8+9+16 = 33
  • Hop = 8+15+16 = 39
While Drake's name doesn't equate to 33, it does equate to 39.
  • Drake = 4+18+1+11+5 = 39
The number 39 is found everywhere from the height of the United Nations, to the number of signers of the Declaration of Independence, to the name George, to the name New York, where the U.N. is located, to the words Pagan, Wicca and Freedom.
  • George = 7+5+6+9+7+5 = 39
  • Freedom = 6+9+5+5+4+6+4 = 39
  • Wicca = 23+9+3+3+1 = 39
  • Pagan = 16+1+7+1+14 = 39
When it comes to the artist known as Drake, my favorite thing about him is this parody video which you can watch below.  If you happen to be a Drake fan, just remember the guy is a liar and a tool who is lying to you with his music.  When he says "All Me", what he really means is "All Illuminati".  Like Bob Dylan has informed us, to get to the top, you have to sell your soul, and I have no doubt Drake is one of these fools who has sold his soul for the limelight.

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