Sunday, April 13, 2014

Santa Claus Numerology | Why the letters for Satan match Santa

Santa Claus as some of us have come to know him is a product of the powerful company Coca-Cola.  His name is quite interesting indeed when looked at in numerology, especially considering the word 'Santa' is made up of the same letters that create the word 'Satan'. 
  • Santa = 19+1+14+20+1 = 55
  • Satan = 19+1+20+1+14 = 55
  • Psychology = 7+1+7+3+8+6+3+6+7+7 = 55
The purpose of Santa Claus in modern culture is to teach children to worship materialism and put their wants and desires before other things that are more beneficial to their wellbeing as humans.  It is a dirty trick that most children would never grasp, and most parents would overlook, for it was done to them as well and they still haven't learned the lesson.  Being raised with the story of Santa Claus makes it seem as though some lies are okay to be told, and some bad behaviors and practices are okay, such as rampant consumerism with no thought as to where these consumed materials come from or whose labor is abused to produce the products we desire.

Let us look at the full name of Santa Claus in numerology now.
  • Santa = 19+1+14+20+1 = 55
  • Claus = 3+12+1+21+19 = 56
  • Santa Claus = 55+56 = 111
With regards to the number 111, here's something else dominates our current world as much as Santa Claus does, and also has numerology of 111.
  • Computer = 3+15+13+16+21+20+5+18 = 111
One, eleven.

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