Tuesday, April 29, 2014

33 Watch | Oklahoma Department of Corrections Director Robert Patton

Fear these men, that is what they want you to do.  That is the point of the noise.  Be afraid.. of everything!
Today it is reported that a vein in a death row inmate's heart exploded after an accident during the injection of the lethal chemical.  The mistake took place in Oklahoma, where Clayton Lockett was set to be executed.
  • Clayton = 3+3+1+7+2+6+5 = 27
  • Lockett = 3+6+3+2+5+2+2 = 23
  • CL = 33
Whether the story being reported today is a real story or not, is not as interesting as the Oklahoma Department of Corrections Director's name numerology.  His name is Robert Patton, and if you read this blog, you well know how often the name Robert comes up because of its '33 name numerology'.
  • Robert = 9+6+2+5+9+2 = 33
  • Patton = 7+1+2+2+6+5 = 23
If you read this blog, you'll notice the names Michael, Robert, Sam, Stephen, Garry and others that equate to thirty-three are used at a disproportionate rate.  I mean seriously, how many Garry's with a double-r have you ever met?

The purpose of this false reporting is to distract us with nonsense and take advantage of our flaws as human beings.  These people have been at their craft of bullying the world for a long time, and their base of victims is needing to expand; that is why the psychological operations is being pumped.  We are more easily controlled when we're fearful, confused and unknowing, and that is just how they want us, and that is just how they got us-with flat screens, and sports and fashion and all the other bullshit we treat as if it is more important.  We're a society that talks about sports and fiction more than reality.

Right now my skies are coated with white film that has been spraying out of the backs of planes all day.  The blue sky, which is a rarity, is a white haze.  Yet in public, nobody says anything, not even me.  I however, at least take the time to pause, aim my camera at the sky, and photograph.  Even then, people walk by as if nothing interesting is occurring.  Apparently, somewhere, there is something more important going on, than the deliberate clouding of our skies with "white matter".

This is the world we live in; from exploding hearts, to chemically treated skies.  Happy 2014, April fools.

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