Friday, April 18, 2014

33 Watch | Norton and McAfee Antivirus

Norton Antivirus is a program that ruins your computer.  So is McAfee.  I've been convinced of this since I was a youth.  For years I've battled with my brother and law over putting Antivirus on my mom's computer.  He lives next to her and I live hundreds of miles away, so he usually wins out.  Well, low and behold, this whole '33 thing' even connects back to the major Antivirus companies.  Let us examine.
  • Norton = 5+6+9+2+6+5 = 33
  • McAfee = 13+3+1+6+5+5 = 33
Strangely enough, when I met my brother in law, he was driving a Range Rover and living in the 33rd State, Oregon.  He also has an October birthday.
  • Rover = 9+6+4+5+9 = 33
  • October = 6+3+2+6+2+5+9 = 33
Perhaps some people are just destined for '33'.  And long story short, I'd keep Norton and McAfee Antivirus off of your computer... that's just what my intuition tells me.  Odds are the real purpose of these programs are to collect your information and spy on you.

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