Friday, April 4, 2014

Sandy and Tragedy Conspiracy | The truth is in the Gematria and Numerology

Have you noticed the word Sandy in regards to tragedy lately; from hurricanes, to school shootings, to natural disasters, to what happened yesterday, tornadoes.  It seems strange the way the name keeps reoccurring; it is almost as if it brings tragedy upon itself.  It is unfortunate for all the good women named Sandy, who have to put up with this hoaxy madness.

With numerology/gematria, let us examine the name Sandy.
  • Sandy = 19+1+14+4+25 = 63
  • S = 19
  • A = 1
  • N = 14
  • D = 4
  • Y = 25
  • Do you see the coded 911?
  • Do you see the coded 44?
Both of these numbers are directly related to assassination and tragedy.  They are sacred in this regard.  It seems these Satanist, or whatever they refer to themselves, the people who run this world, need these numbers as part of their planned disasters.  As it happens, they also relate to hurricanes.  Prior to Hurricane Sandy, the two most destructive hurricanes in the history of the country were Hurricanes Ivan and Katrina; those hurricanes took place exactly seven years to the day of each other; from when the storms formed to when they made landfall.  Call it coincidence, and I'll call you a fool.
  • Hurricane Ivan begins with I, the 9th letter
  • Hurricane Katrina begins with K, the 11th letter
If you live anywhere near a Sandy this or that, be warned.

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