Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The truth comes out of a flat earther, "it proves creation and a creator"

What I want you to understand, is the small mindedness of bible thumpers and those who claim a religion.  To them the only proof of god, is what comes from a book, the book they favor.

PS, here is what provoked him in the first place.  A strong pattern I notice, is that anytime you ask a 'flat earther' a question, they become angry.


  1. Obviously, God is Italian and made like a Pizza shape. God, like Italians, is a big fan of discs and pillars. God hates balls.

    1. Totally on a side note, I am expecting some kind of controversy in Arizona. All the ads and popups for the game keep highlighting the 12 and the 3 of the QBs in a 123 side by side picture. The refs are due to fuck one up anyhow. Maybe nothing to it, but we'll see.

    2. Haha -- maybe he's 'Pizza The Hut' - like in the movie "Space Balls"!

  2. Lawrence Phillips Dead at 40 and the Bank of America Stadium is banning #12 Flags of Seattle from the stadium.

  3. bible thumpers are unaware their silly book was written by the masons to confuse and control the idiot masses, I know a guy that used to be a free thinker and truth seeker that has turned to the bible and came to me with the bullshit flat earth shite, these people just want to argue with no proof. They will argue their dillusions even when I say I have been high enough to see the curvature of the earth and even seen the curvature of the earth from the bloody Florida Keys, absolute imbiciles..

    1. Science books were also written by the masons.

      They are among the greatest deceivers.

      Masons also know the earth is flat.

      It is clearly evidenced in their art.

      Check this out:

      PS; you most certainly must have been high enough because there is no curvature of the earth.

      Nice try, Star Sky ;-)



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