Sunday, April 30, 2017

47 322 | First Degree of Masonry, the Masonic Drawing Board and 'Faith, Hope and Charity' +The Mystical Ascent

*Notice the 'E' at the top.  Order of the Eastern Star.  The sun rises in the East.  Remember, with Masonry, it all comes back to the sun.

This drawing board is given to First Degree Masons.  The three pillars represent wisdom, strength and beauty.

This is a picture representing the aspects of this world; the heavens, the earth its duality, and clues how to ascent spiritually.  Further, it represents the Masonic Temple, as well as the human being.  In the beam of light coming from the star that represents the Deity, you'll notice an anchor representing 'hope', a chalice representing charity and a hand pointing at the Bible, representing faith.

Notice the '322'.

After "faith, hope and charity", comes the divine.

This drawing board is to give the new Mason an understanding of the "Mystical Ascent".

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