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49 67 88 106 119 121 666 | The retirement announcement of Dale Earnhardt Jr., April 25, 2017, in light of his father's February 18, 2001 death

Of course, in a sport of driving in circles in a race for time, there has to be a number 88.

Concord, N.C. was a fitting place for Earnhardt to announce his retirement.

This announcement comes while Dale Earnhardt Jr. is 42-years-old, and 42-years since 1975, when his father joined the sport of NASCAR.

Notice Dale Earnhardt Jr. has announced his retirement April 25, 2017, a date with '66' numerology, having a parallel to his his father's death, who passed February 18, on the 49th day of the year.  He was 49-years old when he died.

4/25/2017 = 4+25+20+17 = 66

Consider '49' was a fitting age to pass for a race car driver, especially one with a life lesson number of 49, and especially on the 49th day of the year, in light of what 49 represents in Gematria.

In a moment I'll show you the parallel to 'Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr.' and 'Revelation'.

Consider Revelation is the 66th Book of the Bible.

Notice how North Carolina fits in.  Remember, I pointed out the scripted championship for Roy Williams while age 66, months before turning 67.

The name Earnhardt also has Gematria of '55'.  Martinsville Speedway, the oldest track in NASCAR, was first paved in 1955.

Think about Jeff Gordon just retiring, another star of the sport.

55 is a special number...  Numerology = 55; Fibonacci = 55; Satan = 55

Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s first name is 'Ralph'.

Now, notice how his full name connects to Revelation.

Revelation = 49/67/121; Dale Earnhardt Jr. = 67/121

In light of Revelation, notice his birthday on 10/10.

*Long before I knew Gematria, I saw my first 49ers game in San Francisco, against the visiting Philadelphia Eagles, on October 10, or 10/10.  The 49ers, on 10/10... against the city named from Revelation, Philadelphia.

His birth numerology even connects deeper to Revelation.  And don't overlook he was born in '74.  Revelation is full of 7 and 4 of this and that.

10/10/1974 = 10+10+19+74 = 113

Keep in mind the word 'Apocalypse' means 'Revelation'.

Revelation is the book of prophecy and destruction, the 66th Book, concluding the Bible.

It makes one wonder, did Sr.'s life have to be taken for Jr.'s?  We know about murder by numbers within these entertainment industries...

Dale Earnhardt, Sr. died in Daytona, Beach Florida, after the kickoff event of the 2001 season.

It was Ken Schrader, #36, that greatly impacted Dale Earnhardt St., leading to his crash into the wall.

Earnhardt was buried in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Again, these sports are about keeping the mind's eye of the masses on continual distractions.  It's about entertaining the people off of the cliff of reality... and when it comes to NASCAR, people watch for the wrecks and needless destruction.

As for it being the #36 car....

When you sum 1 through 36, it totals 666.

In Revelation, the Book of Prophecy, the #666 is taught about, as the number of a man, the number of the Beast.

Notice how his car number, 88, connects to 'Beast'.

Time is the Beast.  
88, 4 circles, put together.
360+360+360+360 = 1440 (1440 minutes per day) (Time = 144)

'Blunt force trauma', what is blamed for his death, connects to '311'.

Notice he died at 17:16 military time.  17+16 = 33 (Masonry) (Secrecy)

311 is the 64th prime.

In case your'e wondering, it's been this way (by the numbers) since the beginning.  Look at who established NASCAR.  One, Bill France Sr.

'56' connects back to 'all seeing eye'.

There's more.

Israel = 205 (Jewish Gematria); Star of David = 119 (Ordinal)

NASCAR is headquartered in Charlotte, NC.

 And notice, Dale Earnhardt Sr. was born on the 119th day of the year, April 29.

4/29/1951 = 4+29+19+51 = 103 (103, the 27th prime) (Revelation, 27th Book of NT)
4/29/1951 = 4+29+(1+9+5+1) = 49 (Dead at 49 on the 49th day of the year)
4/29/1951 = 4+2+9+1+9+5+1 = 31 (11th prime)
4/29/51 = 4+29+51 = 84 (United States of America) (Masonry) (Zionism) (Jesuit)
4/29 = 4+29 = 33

He died 10-weeks before his 50th birthday.  America = 50

Was it a secret way to retire?  Or was it a more sinister forced retirement?

Remember, Jr. is retiring at age 42.  Retire = 42

In the wake of his death, they implemented the mandatory HANS device.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. also announced his retirement on April 25, the 115th day of the year, 4-days shy of what would have been his father's 66th birthday.  Again, Revelation is the 66th Book of the Bible.

Masonic = 115; Killing = 115

From the announcement to Jr.'s upcoming birthday is 168-days, or a span of 169.

From his 42nd birthday, his last, to the announcement was 197-days, the 45th prime, or a span of 198.

Also, for the record, Sterling Marlin, the third man involved, has name Gematria connecting to '223'.

Let me know what jumps out at you about the all-time NASCAR leaderboard.  I spy a 119 and 58 to start...

I love Jeff Gordon with 93 wins too...

Before I knew about Reverse Gematria, I told my buddy I expected Jeff Gordon to finish with 93 wins.

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