Thursday, April 27, 2017

33 66 147 | Natural Law Gematria, a reminder that these encoded numbers come from the natural world +'Dumb down'

Lawyer = 33; People = 33; Person = 33; Society = 33; Order = 33; 33 Vertebrae

Notice 'Natural Law' also has Gematria of 66, 123, and 147.

As I've explained before, it appears the Freemasons have taken the real mathematics of this world and encoded them into the English Language.

For example:
Time = 47 (Tropics 47 Degrees Apart)
Time = 144 (1440 minutes per day)

Sadly, we're not living in a world of natural law.  We're living out an agenda, under man's law, dumbing down the populace.

The Agenda is 'Freemason'.

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