Sunday, April 30, 2017

44 147 | Trump, the 44th person to be President, 'POTUS' +The last King of Israel-Judah, Zedekiah

It is said there were 44 Kings of Ancient Israel-Judah.  This is fascinating considering Trump is the 44th person to be President, and he is being called the "first Jewish President".

The last of the 44 Kings was Zedekiah:

Remember, there's 147 rooms at the White House.

President of the United States = 147
US President = 147
The Emperor = 147

Executive = 42; Freemason = 42; Zionism = 42

United Kingdom of Israel = 4
Israel = 19
Judah = 21

That's a total of 44, like Trump, the "first Jewish President', is the 44th man to be POTUS.

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