Wednesday, April 26, 2017 Memes for spreading Gematria knowledge (Get inspired to make your own too!) +September 11, March 22, Bible, 666, Trump, Blackhawk Down, Baseball (MLB) & more

I would suggest adding these outputs to this chart to further enhance it!

Remember, on March 22, or 22/3, or 3/22, the Maelbeek Metro Station was bombed.

That was one year before London and the Freemason chopper.

You know what other '223' you could add if you like...

You could make a follow up with the Pancake Eating Contest death related to '9/11'.

He forgot some WEB GEMS!  ...including...

This one needs a 'Number of the Beast' decode.  Again, this incident happened April 17.

Number of the Beast = 174 (Ordinal) (Date, 17/4)
Helicopter = 666 (Sumerian)

Brenton Bay Golf Course = 223
Blackhawk Down = 223

Read about the Bible, 666 and 223 here:

666 is number of the Beast.

Beast = 47/88
Trump = 47/88

More ideas.... April 14, or 1/4...

The first 144 decimal points of Pi total 666.

234+432 = 666

Don't forget '777' and 'Order Out of Chaos'.

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