Thursday, April 27, 2017

45 98 144 | George Clinton, April 24, 2017, says 'ain't no funk in the Trump'

REMEMBER, the latest Purge film becomes with George Clinton's Parliament.  The song 'Flashlight' is playing....

AND REMEMBER, that film had a lot do with the election, as admitted by the director.

Notice this article was written April 24, 2017.

4/24/17 = 4+24+17 = 45 (Trump, #45)

April is also the right month to here from the 'Godfather of Funk'.

We'll see if the 'Godfather' in the NBA (LeBron James) needs to claim George Clinton as one of his souls later this year... don't kid yourself.

Notice the 98 Gematria.

Chosen = 98
Chosen One = 98

National Basketball Association = 98

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