Friday, April 28, 2017

39 46 49 66 165 | Bill Belichick and Tony La Russa in Arizona together, for Spring Training, March 26, 201739

This meeting came 49-days after Super Bowl 51.  Notice Bill Belichick is in Arizona, with the former coach of the baseball Cardinals.  The Arizona Cardinals NFL team also once played in St. Louis.  The Patriots also began their season by the numbers last year, against the Cardinals.

From the picture to the start of 98th season of the NFL is also 165-days.

We'll see if this is predictive programming soon enough.

The date of this meeting was one with '39' numerology.  Remember, the Super Bowl the Patriots just won, with 39-year old Tom Brady, was played in a stadium that had much to do with '39'.

3/26/2017 = 3+26+(2+0+1+7) = 39

3/26/2017 = 3+26+20+17 = 66 (NFL)
3/26/17 = 3+26+17 = 46 (Patriots) (Tom Brady)

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