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33 41 47 66 119 223 322 666 | Batman TV Show, Season 1, Episode 33, and the Yale Skull and Bones reference

Watch the clip above, it's only 30 seconds:

Now it's very clear why this is shown in the latest Batman film.

Bruce Wayne?  B = 2; W = 23

Read about 322 and 223 in the Bible:

Here is the link to Batman TV Show, Episode 33, Fine Finny Fiends:


'66 was also the right year for Episode #33.

Notice Episode 33 was on May 4, 1966, the 124th day of the year, leaving 241-days remaining.

Also.... Batman, Yale...  who's the Joker?

The 'FFF' initials standout from the title, Fine Finny Fiends.  F = 6; FFF = 666

Notice the '666' Gematria of Batman.

'666', that very Biblical number...

'322', the Skull and Bones number, goes straight to the Bible as well.  See the work on this blog / my YouTube channel.

Read about Tim Russert's death at 2:23 after asking about '322' to Bush and Kerry in 2004:

Ancient Mystery Religions also has the '119', All Seeing Eye Gematria.

To tie '119' to the Batman Villains, notice the name 'Riddler', the villains in Episode #1.

Riddle also has the '47' Gematria, very special to Freemasonry.  If you've been following me since the beginning, you've heard me say several times that these people are like characters straight from Batman, a bunch of "riddlers".  I've even explained how they must see themselves as Batman, and that Batman is a metaphor for the way they govern.

Foundation = 47; Framework = 47; Authority = 47; Polestar = 47

The Villain for Episode '33' is Penguin, fitting for the 'Skull and Bones' episode.

Think about George Herbert Waker Bush, Skull and Bones member, and President #41.  Don't forget George W. Bush was President #43.  Yale = 43

That season began January 12, 1966.

*Smack in the Middle = 93, on January 13, or 1/13.

ALSO, remember when they put Sandy Hook in the latest Batman film, the same one with the '322' shot?  They replaced the name South Hinkley with Sandy Hook.  The film released 147-days before the shooting in Newtown (33), CT, just down the road from New Haven, CT, where Skull and Bones is.

From the release of Batman, July 20, 2012, to December 14, 2012, was 147-days.

666, Six hundred threescore and six

And don't forget the '223' piece.

Notice the shot below from the film, with Aurora, where the the theater shooting happened by the numbers.  Does that not look like 1 47???

Remember, the Batman premier was shot up July 20, the 43-year anniversary of the Moon Landing, by NASA, established in '58:

Remember when Donald Trump said 'I am Batman!'???  Then Batman characters started dying.

147 windows at the White House.  Why windows?...

Notice he told a boy on a 'Helicopter'.

See my recent work on the 'helicopter' crash on Trump's 88th day of being President:

Don't forget about the Freemason Helicopter on March 22, or 3/22, either:

Now the 'window' part...

There was also this deal about Trump quoting Bane at his Inauguration speech:

The Gematria clearly shows who is responsible for all of this.  Think about who runs Hollywood, media, money and with it, government.

Think about the President's dream of sending a man to the moon.  JFK, another character by the numbers.


Let's not forget Trump announced he would run for President from the 58-story Trump Tower.  He would go on to win the 58th Presidential Election and celebrate the 58th Presidential Inauguration on January 20, 2017, a date with '58' numerology.  He even hired 58-year-old Steve Ray for the ceremony.

1/20/2017 = 1+20+20+17 = 58

Notice how that synchs with the date of 'Sandy Hook', December 14, 2012.

12/14/2012 = 12+14+20+12 = 58

Remember, Sandy Hook is just down the street from Yale...

The Aurora Theater shooter was said to be, "James Eagan Holmes".

Remember Stephen Barton?

Lincoln was killed in a theater by the numbers, April 14-15, 1865.  He was killed in Fords' Theatre, after an assassination attempt at the Willard Hotel, February 23, 1861.


Read about Operation 'Gotham Shield', or '58' in New York April 24 and 25:

'58', it isn't an arbitrary number.  There's a lot more.  It is highly Masonic.

If you've never noticed, everything in the U.S. is made into 'theater', or entertainment, even war.... "the theater of war".

It's movie made America.

Taking it back to the beginning, the debut episode of Batman was January 12, or 1/12.

You know who runs the entertainment industry.

Remember, when Obama reopened Ford's Theatre, which was closed from 1977 to 2009?  '77...

Remember, Adam Lanza weighed 112 pounds:

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