Friday, April 28, 2017

33 34 83 88 118 123 | Death of 19-year-old rapper, Speaker Knockerz, 118-days after his birthday

This man (child) was murdered at 19.

Notice he was murdered March 4, or 3/4, or 4/3.  MURDER = 34; RIP = 43

It's murder by numbers.

He died 118-days after his birthday.  Fitting we make this post on the 118th day of the year, April 28.

He was likely murdered for another artist in the hip hop community.  Notice Columbia, SC has the '88' Gematria, like HH for Hip-Hop.

It was also a span of 119-days from his 19th birthday.

His birth name also connected to death, Derek McAllister.

Notice he was found in his garage, or '33'.

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