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42 47 55 69 134 137 142 | The Royal Arch in light of the film 'Filth', about Freemasonry and Police, a story by Irvine Welsh, made into a movie on his 55th birthday

The film Filth is about the competition for a promotion at the police station, where all of the officers are members of the local Freemason lodge.  To sum it up, never has there been so many checkerboard floors and arches in any one Hollywood film.

Let us begin this decode with the release dates of the film, especially the one in Scotland, September 27.

Keep in mind the first release, in Scotland, was on the birthday of the Scottish novelist, Irvine Welsh, who wrote filth.  He turned 55-years-old that same day, being born September 27, 1958.

September 27 is also the Jesuit Order's birthday.

Scotland, September 27, 2013
9/27/2013 = 9+27+20+13 = 69 (Saturn)
9/27/2013 = 9+27+(2+0+1+3) = 42 (Saturn) (Freemason) (Birthday) (G)

U.K., October 4, 2013 (10-4, message received)
10/4/2013 = 10+4+20+13 = 47 (Policeman) (Authority) (Foundation) (Time)

United States, May 30, 2014
5/30/2014 = 5+30+20+14 = 69 (Top of the Masonic Arch) (Saturn = 69)
5/30/2014 = 5+30+(2+0+1+4) = 42 (Saturn) (Freemason) (G)

'42' and '69' are at the top of the Masonic Arch, which has much to do with 'time' and 'Saturn, the keeper of time'.  It is a '69' at the top of Masonic Arch.

Here are 3 of 100s of shots from the film, showing the checkerboard floor, and the symbolic arches and pillars.

His partner and best friend is Gus.

Gus = 7+21+19 = 47

Again, there's 47 degrees on the Freemason Compass, representing the 47th Problem of Euclid, about how to build a foundation.  At the top of the 47 Degrees, is the 'Polestar'.

Notice that the film is 1 hour 37 minutes.  1 hour 37 minutes (137, the 33rd prime)

That is also 97-minutes.  Death = 97

The film ends with the death of the main character.  Again, Saturn, which has to do with time, also had to do with judgment and death.

Don't overlook the groupings of four stars and three stars, for a total of seven.

137, the 33rd prime number
G = 33; Masonry = 33; Secrecy = 33; Order = 33; Hollywood = 33
James McAvoy, lead actor, '33' birth numerology

4/21/1979 = 4+2+1+1+9+7+9 = 33

Also, those 7 stars connect well with 'Royal Arch'.

Remember, when you write out '42' it sums to '142'.  Forty Two = 142 (Ordinal)

For anyone who knows more about The Royal Arch and its symbolism, there is probably much more to decode here that is highly relevant.

Mason = 62; Torah = 62; Elohim = 62
Israel = 64; Zion = 64; Thelema = 64; Do what thou wilt = 64; Synagogue of Satan = 64/190
*The mysterious 134!

Notice Irvine was born in '58, and happens to be 58 at the time of this revelation.

With regards to him turning 55 on the release of the film, full of 'checkerboard' symbolism, check this out.

'93', like '69', represents Saturn.

As does '42', which is highly associated with Freemasonry.

Now, notice the relationship between '55', or 'Filth', and '93'.

Keep in mind Satan and Saturn share a spiritual relationship.  It is very evident at the time of Saturnalia, or Christmas.

The birthday of Satan is believed to be the Winter Solstice, which makes too much sense in light of the Christian celebration of a birthday and materialism.

Santa Claus shares Gematria of 666, the number of the Beast.

Beast = 47; Christian = 47; Christmas = 47

'Santa Claus' also connects back to Saturn.  Saturn = 69

And birthday does connect to Saturn as well.  Saturn = 42

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