Friday, April 28, 2017

33 39 93 138 156 226 | The Christmas Eve car crash, December 24, 2016, in hindsight

It was 12,210-days after being born.

It was 156-days after my 33rd birthday.  I was in Oregon, the 33rd state when it happened.

On Christmas Eve, a car would crash into my garage.  Something that has been a major inconvenience from that night up to the present, even to the moment of me posting this.... and it will be ongoing after.

Today, for the first time I noticed the Gematria of 'garage'.

Making matters even more strange, I received a letter from Hollywood, April 19, 2017, to go on Judge Judy about my incident.  (That means they have access to the nation's small claims courts)

4/19/2017 = 4+19+(2+0+1+7) = 33

Making it more strange, it was my neighbor.  I have now been burglarized by my neighbor.  I have now been crashed into by my neighbor.  Once before Thanksgiving.  The other, Christmas Eve.

The house was ripped off November 15, 2014.  11+15+(2+0+1+4) = 33

Read about '93', the 'lightbulb' and my Garage:  (39, 93, 226)

The word neighbor also synchs with my name.

If you read the 'lightbulb' part, remember how 138 goes with Saturn.

138+831 = 969 (9.69 km / sec, orbital speed of Saturn)

My name also synchs with '33' as well.

If I didn't know Gematria, I would never realize any of this.

But seriously, what are the odds?

Because of Washington State law concerning a car colliding into a home, this has been an absolute nightmare for me, fighting to get the insurance to pay even half the damages for more than a month, and finally getting them up to about 75%, where we still are and appear to be stuck.  It all comes back to depreciation and what is permitted by our state laws.  Because my home was built in 1960, they are able to deduct how much they have to pay for the damage.  It is such shit.  Even the insurance commissioner has told me they are within compliance.

Life is strange.  It is also full of needless bullshit.

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