Monday, August 12, 2019

66 68 117 149 185 202 322 | Barr cites 'failture' in Epstein suicide and says 'co-conspirators' should not rest easy, August 12, 2019

'Failure'?  Keep in mind it was said that Jeffrey Epstein was an 'intelligence asset.

Recall the July 11 ritual with Epstein:


Secret Society = 185

Recall how his death synced with Donald Trump:

Notice how 'Metropolitan Correctional Center' connects to Skull and Bones.

 Epstein died 202-days after his birthday... supposedly...

Don't forget his full name sums to 322, Jeffrey Edward Epstein.

His July 8 court date came 322 days after Clinton's birthday, the man who was between the two Bush presidents, both members of Skull and Bones.  And don't forget Papa Bush was the head of the CIA.

Read about Clinton, Epstein and 322:

Read about Enemy of the State, 149 and 322:

Read about Robert Mueller and Skull and Bones:


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