Friday, March 1, 2019

60 149 281 322 | Enemy of the State, September 11, 2001 & Skull and Bones

Notice, the film premiered on the 322nd day of the year in New York, November 18.

There is a crucial scene in the movie where it is revealed that a key character is born September 11, 1940.  Keep in mind this film came out less than 3-years before September 11.

Further, there is dialogue in the film about how the telecommunications companies and government are working together to create a database of information of all the citizenry.  Think about how AT&T made 9-1-1 the national emergency dialing code...

As for the name of the man, it sums to 281, the 60th prime.

George H.W. Bush died in the 281 area code.
William Russell died on the 281st day of his age.
Prescott Bush died on October 8, the 281st day of the year.

Adding insult to injury, 1 hour and 49 minutes into the film, you get a shot of a watch, with the time 3:22.


  1. Not to mention the part where they're watching TV and the guy says "once buildings start falling people's ideas start changing"

  2. In this film “Jonathan Vincent Voight” character was born on 9-11-1940

  3. "O'Lucifer Son Of The Morning"=281(English Ordinal)

    In the movie "Fahrenheit 451" the #281 appeared as a House number.
    Fahrenheit 451 was released in the US on May 19, 2018(218/281).
    "May 19, 2018"=60(English Ordinal)

    The Burning BUSH Family are AshkeNAZI's (False Jews/Synagogue Of Satan), they orchestrated WWII by the numbers.
    "World War II"=60(Full Red.)

    "Ashkenas False Jews"=281(Reverse Ordinal)281/218
    "US President George H. W. Bush"=281(Jewish Ordinal)
    "World War II Aviator"=218(English Ordinal)
    "Mathematical"=218(Reverse Ordinal)
    "Prescott Bush"=218(Francis Bacon)
    "Fourth Reich"=218(Reverse Francis Bacon)


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