Tuesday, March 26, 2019

35 44 73 74 144 149 | Death of battle rapper, Party Arty (Arthur Sheridan), December 4, 2008

This man died on a date with 44 numerology.

12/4/2008 = 12+4+20+08 = 44

44 connects to his name, 'Party Arty'.

He died on his 149th day of his age.

149, the 35th prime

Read about the death of battle rapper Tech 9 who died 149-days after his birthday:

Last, December Fourth connects to 'battle rapper'.

*Party Arty was born Arthur Sheridan



  1. Jay Z's birthday is 12/4. He is from New York city as well, although Jay z is from Brooklyn while this guy is from the bronx


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