Thursday, March 28, 2019

19 62 | Boston Red Sox @ Seattle Mariners for 2019 Seattle home opener, and Chris Sale's 62 career losses coming in

Chris Sale comes into the game with 62 career losses.  Seattle Mariners = 62

Recall, the season began with the 62 ritual and the Mariners on March 20, 2019: 

Marco Gonzales comes in with 19-wins.  Seattle = 19 (2019)


  1. Hey Zach, I found another potential 79 riddle for the Mariners. On 7/2, 7/3, and 7/4; they play a series against St. Louis Cardinals, and as we know St. Louis = 115. All time, the Mariners are 6-9 against the Cardinals, so the 7-9 in that first game is on the board.

  2. Boring....

    "Home Opener Loss"===179
    "Seattle Mariners"=====179

    "Three Twenty Eight Loser"=======333 K
    "Make America Great Again Agenda"=333 K

    "A Date of Home Opener Loss [Mariners]"====328 << What day is the Game?
    "A Two Run Boston Red Sox Win"=========328


    1. "Chris Sale's Sixty Third Loss Date"==328 K << What Day is it?

  3. Today is,the 28th, they said Gonzaga has gone 28-0 when leading at half


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