Monday, March 25, 2019

25 47 67 74 81 97 111 | Death of Cal Ramsey, at age 81, March 25, 2019 +March Madness

Ramsey, is dead at 81, during the time of the 81st men's college basketball tournament.

He was a New York legend.

This year the college basketball championship is in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

*I know a school with a lot of 111 connections...
*It is also 110-days before his birthday.  Minnesota = 110

And keep in mind, today has 67 date numerology.

3/25/2019 = 3+25+20+19 = 67

I know a school with a lot of 67 connections...

His name connected to the New York Knicks as well.

And with regards to the title 'legend', today connects as well.

3/25/19 = 3+25+19 = 47

And for one last point, he has died on the 25th.


  1. Although I am confident in my championship game

    Duke/Kentucky isn't far fetched they started the season vs each other with Duke winning 118-84

    Duke was the #4
    Kentucky was #1(41)....

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  3. Very hard game and challengeable day today's game. Some days ago I saw indian mallu games festival. The game was like today.


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