Monday, March 25, 2019

35 46 67 73 74 149 | Death of battle rapper Tech 9, March 25, 2019 +The Tech N9ne parallel

This news comes on a date with 67 numerology.

3/25/2019 = 3+25+20+19 = 67


The name Akeem Mickens connects to sacrifice as well.

The term 'battle rapper' caries the 'sacrifice ' gematria as well.

The name Mickens has the familiar 74 gematria as well.

In recent days we have discussed the death of Lil Mister and 74, YNW Melly's friends and 74, and Kevin Durant's adoptive brother and 74.  Of course, we have talked about countless others over the years, including Tupac and Notorious BIG.

Speaking of Tech N9ne, there is something strange here...

Tech N9ne is 47-years-old.  Today has 47 date numerology.

3/25/19 = 3+25+19 = 47

This news comes 137-days after his 47th birthday.  137, the 33rd prime; Rhyme = 33

And it comes 228-days before his 48th birthday.

Notice the 67k comments in the Kendrick Lamar tweet.

According to his Instagram, his birthday is October 27, but the year is not stated:

Strangely enough, the Philadelphia rapper has the same birthday as Philadelphia, and notice, October 27 is his daughter's birthday as well.

His death came 149-days after his birthday.

149, the 35th prime

Meek Mill was awarded his own holiday on this very same day, and he is a Philadelphia rapper, who the Eagles Super Bowl was synced with, a Super Bowl that had a lot to do with 149 and which was won on the 35th day of the year.

More on his name gematria is as follows:

Notice the overlap with Mickens, Masonic and Killing.

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