Saturday, March 23, 2019

The Glitch In Your Matrix's new YouTube video on August 11



  1. If you search this blog for the R. Kelly post on March 22/19 I put this info in my comment. One thing that this video didn't mention about this song "Bridge Over Troubled Water" is it was recorded by "Artists for Grenfell" and released on June 21, 2017 to raise money for that fire which happened on Trump's birthday June 14/17. I also found it interesting that both Elvis and Aretha Franklin recorded it and both Elvis and Aretha died on the same date August 16.

    1. St. Francis of Assisi is also the patron Saint of animals and the environment, Paul Simon says he is donating his proceeds to an environmental charity...Paul Simon is also coming out of "retirement" for this.

    2. Also interesting on the Grenfell Tower fire wiki page it says 223 people escaped. August 11 the 223rd day...

    3. From June 21 to August 11 (Incl. end date) is 1 month 22 days.

    4. From the anniversary of the fire (also Flag day and Trumps b-day) is 1 month 29 days (incl. end date) Grenfell apparently had 129 flats/apartments. It is also 59 days, the American flag with the 50 stars was adopted on July 4, 1960, 59 years ago this year.


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