Friday, March 29, 2019

88 218 | Department of Homeland Security is planning 218 miles of new and replacement barriers along the US-Mexico border, March 29, 2019 news


This adds to the list of Trump related 218 observations.

This news comes March 29, the 88th day of the year.

Read more about Trump and 218 here:


  1. "Dates of [Kentucky Wildcats] Win"==329 K <<< What Day?
    "Signals of Houston Cougars Defeat"=329 K
    "North Carolina Tarheels Upset"====329 K
    "The Winning Dates of [Spartans]"== 329 K
    "A Victory Date for a Blue Devil"====329 K
    "A Auburn Tigers Winner Date"====329 K
    "Symbolic Wins for the Spartans"===329 K
    "Cougars Loss by Four Points Date"= 329 K
    "Auburn wins by a [Seventeen]"====329 K

    "A Seventeen Point Margin Winner"==329 O


  2. "A Spartans Loss in Elite Eight"==331 K <<< What Day ?
    "Date of a Virginia Cavaliers Win"-331 K
    "A Gonzaga Elite Eight Winner"==331 K
    "Bluedevils are Upset Dates"=== 331 K
    "Texas Tech Raiders Victory"===331 K
    "The Day Kentucky Defated"=== 331 K
    "Auburn First Final Four Round"= 331 K

    "A Final Four Victory Date [Gonzaga Bulldogs]" = 408 O <<< What Day?
    "The day of a Second Bulldogs Championship"==408 K <<< What Day?


    1. "Auburn Tigers are [Final Four]"=====331 K <<< What Day?
      "Round Bluedevils are Winning"=====331 K
      "Signal Dates Bulldogs are Winners"== 331 O
      "Date of a Virginia Cavaliers Win"====331 K

      "Cavaliers and Bulldogs Championship Date"===406 K <<<What Day?

      "NCAA Championship Lose Date [Virginia]"====408 K <<< What Day?

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    3. Hahahahaha

      I just laughed so hard I wet my pants

    4. Who is laughing at Who?...You are posting 'Anonymous' with No Work. Your comments mean ZERO!...

    5. Why do u think no one acknowledges your work? Its because it doesn't make any sense. You just make shit up and it equals the same thing because you manipulate words.

      What's the purpose of this blog? To help wake people up, right? It's impossible to do that with the shit you put here.

      Even on the 1 in 10 million chance that your work means ANYTHING, it still does nothing at all to wake anyone up.

      If I try to show people your work vs mine or Zach's work, I'd get laughed at and dismissed immediately.

    6. You want one of my better decodes? Here ya go. Copy and paste from my notes for game 7 of the nba eastern conference finals last year, and the super bowl 52 tribute that it was.

      The game is 112 days after sb52
      Super bowl = 112

      May twenty seventh = 239
      Celtics drop to 23-9 in game 7s
      239 is 52nd prime (sb52)
      Cavs will improve to 5-2 in game 7s
      The superbowl had everything to do with 239 and 52
      (lebron went on to get swept by the (Philadelphia/eagles) warriors in his 239th career playoff game)

      Patriots = 118
      Celtics will drop to 11-8 in these playoffs

      New England patriots = 217
      Game is 217 days from Brad stevens bday

      Ty lue will get 41st playoff win
      Its lebrons 41st playoff game VS the celtics
      Eagles scored 41
      41 is the 13th prime
      LeBron will win 13th playoff series since return to cleveland

      Celtics will lose 35th game of season
      LeBron will win 35th career playoff series
      King james = 35
      Tom Brady = 35
      (lebron ended up scoring 35 points that game to give him 612 total for playoffs.
      Minneapolis area code 612)

      Philadelphia = 101
      Lebron raymone James = 101
      Celtics will fall to 10-1 at home in playoffs

      Teams will improve to 1-37 vs celtics when celtics go up 2-0 in a playoff series.
      137, 33rd prime
      Patriots lost with 33

      Cavs will earn 55th post season win since lebrons return to Cleveland
      Patriots dropped to 5-5 in super bowls in Minneapolis
      Minneapolis = 55
      Patriots scored 550 points for the season
      Tom Brady threw for 505 yards
      #55 on the eagles forced a tom Brady fumble to help seal the super bowl win.

      If I show people that, and then 50 other things that are perfectly synced like that, then it helps them see that sports are a perfect numerical script. Again, your work cannot do that.

    7. Here is a Hint....I wrote a Program! I'm the only person on the planet decoding sports [USING GEMATRIA ONLY]. I could Care less if you do not understand it. What you are seeing is a Protocol Code that is dictated by Triple Digits. It's a Masonic Ritual based not the Magic Numbers 3, 5, 7. The Kabbalah Cypher is matching the Date of the Event. Zach asked me to Create a [DICTIONARY]....I agreed and for the past 2 years that is what I'm doing. Don't talk shit if you if you don't know whats happening. And [ NO ]...your work does not impress me, it is beneath me.... Have a Good Sir!

    8. OK you wrote a program that manipulates words to fit the numerics that you want it to. Cool. Now I'm convinced that you've been right all along!

      Bottom line dude, you don't care about the most important thing about spreading this knowledge, and that's waking people up. I couldn't care less if my work impresses you or not, the point is that my work takes away any doubt of mainstream scripting.

      Keep posting your computer manipulated bullshit, though. As I said before, it's some much needed comic relief for me.

  3. "A [Duke, Auburn, Virginia, Gonzaga] are a Final Four" = 406, 460 <<< What Day

  4. March 29th was the first ful day of the 218th lunar synodic month since 9/11


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