Saturday, March 23, 2019

29 58 85 92 | FSU's Phil Cofer told of father's death after win vs. Vermont, opening round of March Madness, March 21, 2019

His father was 58-years-old.

He died on the first day of March Madness, the tournament that began in '85.

 Don't call it a coincidence.

And to make a point about 58...

This death came on the Spring Equinox, what used to be the New Year.

And notice the father died 9-months and 2-days before the start date of the tournament.

From Florida State's win in the round of 32, to his upcoming birth is 88-days.

Florida State picked up their 29th win of the season in that game.


  1. March Madness first tournament was started in 1939 not 1985

    1. The phrase March Madness didn't come until '85....first tourney was '39 though

  2. No march madness started in Illinois through a high school state tournament around 1908 and around 1982 that is where college basketball started to pick up the name not 1985


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