Thursday, March 21, 2019

33 57 174 213 666 | The death of Kevin Durant's adopted brother, Cliff Dixon

This man was killed on March 21, or 21/3, like 213.

The man's name sums to 57.

When you write out 'fifty-seven'....

131, the 32nd prime

He was 32-years-old.

Also, notice Chamblee is on the 33rd parallel north.

Notice the emphasis on 'adopted brother'.

Read about Kevin Durant's 2Pac tattoo here:

Recall, Kevin Durant has tattoos of Tupac.

Tupac died 213-days after his the release of All Eyez On Me on February 13, or 2/13.

September 13, or 13/9.

For the record, the start of the NBA Finals are May 30, 70-days after the shooting.

And notice the rest of the gematria for 'adopted brother'.

151, the 36th prime; 3/21/2019 = 3+21+(2+0+1+9) = 36
227, the 49th prime; Warriors = 49; Chamblee = 49; Kevin Durant = 49

Regarding 36, 666 is the 36th triangular number...

Notice how this lines up with Kevin Durant's birthday.


666, the 36th triangular number

666, the number of the beast, from Revelation, the 66th book of the Bible.


  1. What u think about kd to Ny for betting reason

  2. Further strengthen my stance that Sixers(City of Brotherly Love) will beat GS in the finals this year

    1. Possible the Sixers beat them on 1/31 like championship 113-104=217

  3. its a sacrifice so the warriors can go 7-4 in the finals. the most obvious three peat in nba history

  4. Warriors win this year another and last ring.


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