Thursday, March 21, 2019

43 | Pete Buttigieg draws attention for being homosexual and running for President, March 21, 2019

This news comes March 21, 2019.

He announced he was running January 23, 2019.

1/23/19 = 1+23+19 = 43
3/21/19 = 3+21+19 = 43

The big draw is he is 'homosexual'.  And his name is "Butt".

Homosexual = 133; President = 133

I suppose no name or candidate could be more symbolic of the way we're getting fucked in the ass.


  1. Zach,
    Harden got a nice Scottish tribute last night. Something worth documenting at least.

    57 points, 159 days from his bday. D'antoni stayed on 165 wins with the rockets by losing.
    Scottish rite = 165 57 159

    Reminds me of lebrons 57 that was while he was 32, 57 days from his next bday.
    Scottish = 32
    Scottish rite = 57

    Lebron ended up in the finals that year, but the thing is, he won that Scottish tribute game. Harden took a loss last night in his Scottish tribute.

    1. Great work. We had the Hawks pegged to win the game on Patreon, but I overlooked this!

    2. Ya I actually looked and Harden had another 57 point game this year on January 14, and that was 32 weeks on the nose from his bday.
      Scottish = 32

      Another thing that somewhat stood out to me is that both of his 57 point games involved some 54 coding as well.

      There were 251 total points in last night's game, the 54th prime.
      Memphis scored 126
      Fifty four = 126

      The one on January 14 had 54 date numerology.
      1+14+20+19 = 54

      Finals start on 5/30/2019
      5+30+19 = 54

      Not saying the rockets will be in the finals. I haven't decoded much at all this nba season. And I just saw that Kevin Durant thing with his adopted brother.

      Interesting nonetheless!

  2. That is insane "BUTTigeig"??, these people are a bunch of Ellen DEGENERATES who worship the SUN.
    "Sodomite"=37(Full Red.)

    "Freemasons"=43(Full Red.) 43, 4/3 is the 93rd day of the year.
    The sun is allegedly 93 million miles away.


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