Thursday, March 28, 2019

58 66 85 271 322 | Lonzo Ball covers up his Big Baller Brand tattoo with some curious dice +The 322 riddle

This news broke March 26, the 85th day of the year.

Big Baller Brand = 271 (58th prime)

Notice in the old tattoo, the first B looks like a 3.  B is also the 2nd letter.

Thus, the logo could symbolize 322.

Now notice the dice.  The sides shown from left to right, in the front, are 3 2 2.

Also, if you add up the sides of the dice shown, 3+2+1, they both total 6.

Lakers = 66; LeBron = 66; LeBron James = 66


  1. "Tattoo of [Born two Ball] = 911 S
    "Two Thousand Nineteen"= 911
    "Dog Whistle Signal Code"=911
    "Use Gematria in Message"=911
    "Federal Protocol Codes"== 911

    "Freemasonic Symbol"====911 J
    "Masonry Religion"======911

    "Three BB" = 33 R <<<

    The Bottom show the 322 again....but the top Show 131
    "Championship" = 131

    "Two Thousand Nineteen NBA MVP [Lonzo Ball]"===444
    "Coming Agenda to Citizens of the United States"== 444

    "Los Angeles Lakers in Two Thousand NIneteen]"===444, 555
    "Do What thou Wilt shall be the Whole of the Law"== 444, 555
    "September Eleventh Two Thousand One Attack"=== 444, 555


  2. "Saints" =19

    "New Orleans" = 45, 54

    "The Saints are Hundred NFL Season Champions"==444
    "Coming Agenda to Citizens of the United Sates"==444

    Geee... I wonder who is in the Superbowl...It definitely is NOT the Saints!

    1. "The Saints are Hundredth NFL Season Champions"===444 <<<

    2. Mary Poppins = 54.
      'Mary Poppins Returns' movie released same day Saints lost at Dallas 10-13.
      Actress who portrayed Mary Poppins is Emily Blunt born on the 54th day of year.
      Her full name 'Emily Olivia Leah Blunt' = 1013. Score of game.
      Drew Christopher Brees = 113.
      Dallas = 113.
      Rams = 113.
      11/29/2018 is 430 days before SB54.
      Dallas Cowboys = 43.
      P.S. - First Take 3/29/2019 a date with 54 date numerology (3+29+2019=251 the 54th prime) had topic discussing whether Cowboys or Eagles had better chance to play in SB54. Stephen A. said Cowboys.

  3. "New Orleans Saints Two Thousand Nineteen" = 454 <<<

    45th President
    Superbowl 54

    "Drew Brees"===45, 54 <<<
    "A Year of Saints"===54
    "Old Gold and Black"=54

    "Hundredth NFL Season [New Orleans]"===333
    "Bet [Sir Saint] in Superbowl LIV"=======333
    "Forty Seventh Problem of Euclid"====== 333
    "Pro Sports Championship Win"========333

    "The Hundredth Season"===208
    "New Orleans Saints"=====208
    "Manager Mickey Loomis"==208

    "LIV Winner"=== 126
    "New Orleans"==126

    "Hundredth Season Champion"=254
    "New Orleans Saints Win"====254

    "Hundredth Season Championship"====306
    "New Orleans Saints Champions"===== 306

    Look...barely any Triples you Fucking Faggots. Saints are definitely NOT going to the Superbowl...

    1. Teams have appeared to line up before. The Saints are never succeeded but once. I'll still bet the figurative farm that they dont.teams,with numbers can simply just make the fact that teams in southern cities with heavy black populations, hardly ever win the big one. Katrina was all there will be

  4. Did anyone even buy shoes? I went the site when the whole thing started and I couldn't even get to the order part...just experimenting to see if it was real

  5. Also, the total dice shown equals to 12. 12 total final appearances from Lebron? Lonzo wins 3 rings with Lebron, more than likely...Lebron goes 6 for 6 in the finals...


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