Saturday, March 30, 2019

29 92 | Revelation 2:9, about the false Jews and the Synagogue of Satan

Revelation 2:9 is the 29th verse of Revelation.

Credit to this man:


  1. Zach they're coding you into the next season of the NFL. Only team with 257 gematria is the "Washington Redskins" = 257 rev ord. NFL Draft = 257 Jewish. You were hacked 55 days after the Super Bowl. 257 is the 55th prime. Speaking of Washington they're cutting down Cherry trees for the stage at the NFL draft in Nashville. You live in Washington State

  2. Chicago Bears = 55 reduced. They're opening the season against the GB Packers

  3. Also break down the Pope's visit to has a lot of 8's, probably the Sirius code.

    1. well the NFL season starts on 9/5. Sirius = 95 ordinal. Have to check out that Morocco visit later.


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