Saturday, March 30, 2019

44 46 73 88 199 | Alex Jones says calling Sandy Hook a conspiracy was a form of psychosis he went through, March 29, 2019 news

Form of psychosis = 73; Adam Lanza = 73; Dunblane = 73; Elementary School = 73
Form of psychosis = 199 (46th prime); Elementary = 46; Connecticut = 46; Shooting = 46
*School Shooting = 199 

This story came 46-days after Alex Jones' birthday, February 11.

*Recall, when Joe Rogan went on Alex Jones, he said it was schizophrenic to question the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, playing on the same narrative.

Read about Alex Jones being ordered to undergo a deposition, February 13, 2019:

February 13 was the 44th day of the year.  The statement was released 44-days later, March 29, which is the 88th day of the year.

March 29, 2019 was a date with 44 numerology as well.

3/29/2019 = 3+29+(2+0+1+9) = 44

Notice again, the emphasis on 'psychosis'.

March 29 was the 88th day of the year.  This is programming.

Make sure you watch this recent CNN video on how the time is now to censor (blackout) the truth community, labeled the "conspiracy theorist" community.


  1. "Hide a Sandy Hook Hoax"===88
    "Conspiracy Theory"====== 88
    "Program"============ 88

    1. "Form of Psychosis" = 1412 E <<< December 14th?

      "Form of Psychosis Goyim Mocking" === 347

      347th day of the year is December 14th

      "CIA Agent"======33
      "Alex Jones"======33
      "Code Name"=====33

      "A Disinformation Symbol"====1111 J
      "Alex Jones"=============1111

      "Zionism"=== 105

      "Mock Goy"===83 K
      "Info Wars"===83 K

      "InforWars Mocks the Goy"===911 S
      "The Idiot American Goy"====911 J
      "Freemasonic Symbol"======911
      "Masonry Religion"========911
      "Masonic Agenda Symbols"===911
      "Mainstream Media Blackouts"=911


  2. ive been watching jones since '08 and knew he was a shill. hes also bill hicks

  3. psychosis = 133 ordinal
    your livestream hacked 133 days before Tisha Bav


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