Friday, March 29, 2019

32 49 58 103 113 158 | Tyler Raj Barriss gets 20-years in prison for his swatting call, March 29, 2019 news (Obvioulsy fake news)

First, how fake does this image look?

Second, 20-years?  Death?  Death = 20; Time = 20; Seasons = 20; Cross = 20

Notice the overlap with 'swatting' and 'Scottish'.

The surname of the accused has double overlap with 'swatting'.

Freemasonry = 58

More on the gematria of Tyler Raj Barriss is as follows:

 Freemasonry = 58 / 158


  1. "Swatting Call Symbols"===911 S
    "Two Thousand Nineteen"= 911

    "Masonry Religion"======911 J
    "Freemoasnic Symbol"====911
    "Masonic Agenda Symbols"=911

    Just ignore it...It's all Garbagio! Isn't it?

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