Sunday, March 31, 2019

71 77 331 | Auburn beats Kentucky, 77-71, March 31, 2019

Auburn advances to its first Final 4, 77-71, giving coach John Calipari his 71st loss in the Sprint Center.  Also, Auburn's coach, Bruce Pearl, picked up his 331st career win, on March 31, or 3/31.

Yesterday, Texas Tech advanced to its first Final Four.


  1. What do u think about the chances Zion and kd end up in New York with the Knicks

    1. Pretty good Zion goes to Knicks.

  2. Duke or Michigan State the last team.

  3. "Name & Date [Tiger Three Thirty One]"===331 O <<< On What Day?
    "Kentucky Wildcats Upset Dates"=======331 O <<< On What Day?
    "Auburn moves on to Final Four"=======331 RO << On What Day?

    "Duke moves on to a Final Four"=======331 O
    "Michigan State Spartans are a Loser"====331 O

    "A DukeBlueDevils TexasTechRaiders AuburnTigers Virginia Cavaliers"===666
    "Symbolic Code"===666


  4. Chuma= 46. 19
    Auburn= 19 jewish ord. 73 Jewish
    Sacrifice= 73. 46
    Chuma Okeke was injured on Friday and is out for the rest of the year. Today's numerology 73, 46, 19.
    Chuma Okeke= 322 Jewish

  5. 'University of Auburn' = 109

    109th National Championship to be awarded in hoops. 81st Tournament.

    UA (University of Auburn)
    UA (Under Armour)
    Marketing at its best.

    will be playing against the 'Masked Riders' of Texas Tech = 81 RFR
    Not the Red Raiders, that is the Unofficial 'politically sterile' name.

  6. How do they orchestrate an injury to the exact time like that? That would mean the coach or players are in on it or magically someone made him injury his knee at that exact time. And what happens if he decides to pass or accidentally losses the ball?

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