Thursday, March 28, 2019

26 350 351 | JP Morgan's death, March 31, 1913, in relation to the sinking of the Titanic, April 15, 1912

From the sinking of the Titanic, to the death of JP Morgan, is 350-days later.

Read more about the Scottish Rite, the sinking of the Titanic, and the Federal Reserve here:

The Titanic was JP Morgan's boat.

It should be noted it was also a span of 351-days to his death.

351, the 26th triangular number
Bank = 26; Dollar = 26; God = 26 


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  2. Of course the alleged story of the sinking of the TITANic has the ship leaving New York (11 State). The #11 to the Synagogue of Satan(False Jews) is a symbol of Tish B'Av aka the Destruction Of 2 Towers (11, 1 + 1 =2).

    Tisha B'Av fell on July 9-10 in the year 1912 (1912/1612), the #6 is the #9 upside down.

    It's a span of 86 days from 4/15/1912 to 7/10/1912.
    "The Federal Reserve"=86(Full Red.)

    1. Correction: The Titanic was headed to New York City, not leaving.

  3. "John Pierpont Morgan Sr Death Date" ===333
    "Death Three Hundred Fifty Days After"===333
    "Forty Seventh Problem of Euclid"======333
    "Operation Nineteen Eighty Four"======333

    "RMS Titanic [April Fifteenth]" ========911
    "Freemasonic Symbol"============ 911
    "Masonry Religion"==============911

    "A North Atlantic Ocean RMS Titanic Disaster" = 415 <<< Sinks on What Day?
    "Titanic Tribute on March Thirty First"====== 415
    "Kill Dates [April Fifteenth Nineteen Twelve]"== 415
    "RMS Titanic Sinks in Atlantic Ocean"=======415 K
    "A South Hampton to New York City Voyage"== 415

    "Tribute to Freemasonry"==============331 <<< What day does JP Die?


  4. Thought you might like this. 10 million of our tax dollars a day goes to a country the size of New Jersey, but the author, who is Jewish says that it is not that much.
    What a fucking joke


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