Sunday, March 31, 2019

Hacked again during YouTube Live Stream, March 31, 2019

Read about the March 30, 2019 hack here:


  1. On my computer it started when it said the stream started 58 minutes ago and the porno was exactly 58 minutes in length.

    1. You have to be kidding me. These people are something else.

    2. Yeah crazy and making it obvious. I got screenshots of the 58 stuff.

  2. The Truth Police=72 Pornography=72

  3. There is a few theing that doesnt make since here... like if it google doing this why not upload ramdom shit to get his strick and delete his channel? Why not request the deletion of his channel using his IP adress and his Gmail account? And if is someone else, by now they should have access to all his email accounts, why not delete his blog or post random shit there? It seems to me that is a pretty waist of time streaming porn on a live stream when you can do so much damage...
    My conclution is that it has to be someone close to him, some one who he has shared his live stream with becaue it seems that the luve stream is the only thing they have access to.

  4. This comment that you see here has been deleted for over an hr in youtube idk i screen recorded everything and tomorrow i will make a video so everyone can see the censorship

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  7. Enigma report is on your ass with CallForAnUprisings old topic points. I got him to heart a comment to relevent Jesus is the Sun info tho lol:


    Viral Video Accuses Sanhedrin of Bringing Anti-Christ
    By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz April 1, 2019 , 2:46 pm
    And the many peoples shall go and say: “Come, Let us go up to the Mount of Hashem, To the House of the God of Yaakov; That He may instruct us in His ways, And that we may walk in His paths.” For instruction shall come forth from Tzion, The word of Hashem from Yerushalayim. Isaiah 2:3 (The Israel Bible™)

    Kohanim blow silver trumpets at the dedication of the altar for the Third Temple. (Credit: Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz Breaking Israel News)
    An interview with the spokesman for the Sanhedrin was twisted into an evil conspiracy theory claiming that the Jewish elders are working to bring the Antichrist. A Christian Temple Mount advocate laments the negative message of the video, pointing out that it entirely misses the message that is enormously important to Jews and Christians alike.

  9. "Fake You Tube Channel Shutdown"========331 K <<< On What Day?
    "Hacking on March Thirty First"===========331 K
    "Freemasonic Meme Hacking"============331 K

    "The Truth Police are Freemasonic"=========331 O
    "Zachary K Hubbard [Too Much Truth]"=======331 O
    "The Symbolic Truth Police Hacking"======== 331 O
    "Freemason Warning [Zachary K Huabbrd]"=====331 O
    "The Meme created by Zachary K Hubbard Date"= 331 O

    "Truth Police"===147 O<<<
    "Play April Fools"=147 K

    "Hoax Meme Dates"=====133 <<< March 31st?

    "Hoax Meme by a Zachary K Huabbrd"=====2222 J
    "Hoax by the USA Government"=========2222

    1. "Meme Hoax Code Date [Three Thirty One]" ==331 O
      "Truth Police Meme Jokes"=============331 K

      "Create a Meme Hoax"====137 <<< 33rd Prime

      "Zachary K Hubbard Work is Complete"========333
      "Operation Nineteen Eighty Four"=========== 333
      "Forty Seventh Problem of Euclid"===========333
      "The Book Named [Nineteen Eighty Four]"======333

      "The experiment Completion Dates"=========333
      "Dated Sunday March Thirty First"========== 333
      "Date Code [Three Thirty One Nineteen]"======333
      "Symbolic [You have all been Fooled] Date=====333
      "Fuck You Date from Zachary K Hubbard"======333

  10. "Channel Termination on You Tube"=======333
    "Use Ordinal Gematria to Decode a Message"==333
    "Zachary K Hubbard is a Fraudulent Name"===333
    "You Tube Honey Pot Operations"=========333
    "Free to Find Truth Mocks Goy"==========333
    "Jake Lebwoski cracks Freemason Agenda Code"====333, 666 <<<<

    "Channel Termination Date on Three Thirty One"====444
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    "Code of Three Three's and Three Four's"====333

    "End Experimentation"===================331 K <<< On What Day?

    1. The truth police=72
      Hacked stream=72
      Lies =27
      Fake hack= 46
      Hacked again=46
      March 30= 46

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