Friday, March 29, 2019

Rigged March Madness, Sweet 16 Outcomes March 28, 2019

Virginia won with 53.  Virginia = 53 (16th prime) (Sweet 16)

Florida State went down with 58.  Florida State = 58

Mike Cofer died at age 58.

Purdue Boilermakers = 87 (Won on the 87th day of the year)
193-points (44th prime); *Saints = 44

Drew Brees = 99 (Brees won his only Super Bowl over manning, who went to TN)

Texas Tech Red Raiders = 307 (Michigan became 30-7) (307, the 63rd prime)
107-points (28th prime)

 This game was 53-days after the Super Bowl.


  1. Gotta love that Texas tech 307 63 in light of sb53/brady

    1. Especially in light of it coming 53-days after Super Bowl 53...

    2. Drew Brees = 99
      The Purdue and Tennessee game is another NFL riddle. Brees won his only Super Bowl beating Manning, who went to Tennessee.

    3. Ya did u catch that story yesterday about the video of bears being shot and killed in Alaska on Esther Island?

      Esther Island = 53.
      53 days after sb53.

      I commented on one of your blog posts yesterday, but I don't think u saw it.

    4. Reminded me of Brady seeing a bear in the woods, then beating goff, the California bear

  2. Virgina is a lock to be in the final 4 now

    1. "Cavaliers are in Final Four"====239 <<< 52nd Prime
      "A Final Four [April Sixth]"=====239

      "April Eighth Final Four Champion"====294
      "Gonzaga Bulldogs Championship"====294

      "A Gonzaga Bulldogs Win"=========2019 E <<<

      Still want to talk shit about my Work?

    2. "Monday April Eight Championship"====163, 316
      "Gonzaga Bulldogs"=============163

      "April Eighth Championship Games"====289
      "Gonzaga Bulldogs are Winners"====== 289

      Luftan is Hack!

    3. "Monday April Eighth Championship"===316
      "Bet Gonzaga Bulldogs in a Final Four"== 316

      "April Eighth Champions"===911 S, 112 R
      "Two Thousand Nineteen"== 911 S
      "Winner is Gonzaga Bulldogs"=====112 R

      What say you Smart Guy?

    4. I don't waste my time posting it here. But I can tell you with 100% confidence that is much more meaningful than making random shit up like you do

  3. If Auburn upsets north Carolina today bruce Pearl will be 99-71 as their head coach. 3+29+29+19= 71 Tennessee lost to Purdue who scored 99, Pearl use to coach Tennessee.

  4. "Texas Tech" ========33
    "Texas Tech Wins Date" = 328 <<< What Day?

    "March Twenty Eighth Win"======253 O
    "Texas Tech Raiders"========= 253 RO
    "Winner [Boilermakers]"========253 K
    "Gonzaga Bulldogs are a Winner"== 253 K

    "March Twenty Eighth Win"======109 R
    "Virginia Cavaliers Wins"======= 109 R

    "A March Twenty Eight Win"=====254 O
    "Virginia Cavaliers Wins"=======254 K

    "A Sweet Sixteen [One Seed]"====328 <<< On What Day?

    "Cavaliers Win by Four Points"===316 O
    "Sweet Sixteen Winners"====== 316 K


    1. "Gonzaga Bulldogs Win Championship on a Date" = 408 << What Day?

      "Symbolic [Spike the Bulldog]"===264
      "Monday April Eighth Champion"= 264

      This One's for you Luftan

      "Monday April Eighth Champions"=====333 K
      "Second Championship Winners"======333
      "Make America Great Again Agenda"====333

      Stick it in your Ass Faggot!

  5. Where did you get Texas red raiders to equal 307??

    1. By the way Kevin, we covered these things on Patreon before the games were played.

  6. "Duke Wins Sweet Sixteen Round"====329 RO <<< What Day?
    "Michigan St Spartans Winning"===== 329 K
    "North Carolina Tarheels Upset"=====329 K
    "A Houston Cougars Win Symbol"====329 O

    "A Cougars Victory"====71 <<< What is the Date Numerology?

    "March Twenty Ninth Win"=======261
    "Houston Cougars Wins"========261

    "Winner Houston Cougars"=======279
    "A Friday March Twenty Ninth"==== 279

    "Game on Friday March Twenty Ninth"======333
    "Pick Cougars in Sweet Sixteens"=========333
    "Coded NCAA Winning Signal [Three Three's]"=333
    "Zachary has Tiny Yellow Penis"==========333


  7. "Team [Virginia Tech] Loss Date"====329 K <<< What Day?
    "Dates [Tigers] are Defeated"====== 329 K <<< What Day?
    "Losing Dates of Auburn Tigers"==== 329 K <<< What Day?
    "NCAA Sweet Sixteen Loss Dates"====329 K

    "Kentucky Lose Sweet Sixteen"===== 329 O <<< What Day


  8. "Match Names with a Date Numerology"===333

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  10. Virginia can lose in finals and stay on 34 wins. Duke can go into finals with 34 wins After Zion loses shoe 34 seconds into injury game.

  11. Auburn player Okeke got injured at 8:08 left in the game. Okeke = 88.

    So weird.

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