Monday, March 25, 2019

59 84 | Trump administration wants to strike down all of Obamacare, March 25, 2019 news +2020 Election, the 59th

This news comes Monday, March 25, the 84th day of the year.

Obama was born on August 4, or 8/4, like 84.

And notice the gematria of 'Obama'.

This news comes 233-days after Obama's birthday.

It comes 9-months and 11-days after Trump's.

Update:  They're pointing out this will now becoming the driving issue of the next presidential election, which will be the 59th U.S. Presidential Election.

And don't forget how health care and 45 go together.


  1. Look at the year Obama was born. As above so below. 19 up 61 down. and viceversa.

  2. "Trump and Netanyahu" = 811 (Sat)


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