Wednesday, March 27, 2019

42 84 86 128 237 322 | Death of Russian cosmonaut, Valery Bykovsky, March 27, 2019

Masonry = 84

This man has died 237-days after his birthday (Dead on 3/27).

2x3x7 = 42; Outer Space = 42; Freemason = 42; *Russia = 42

He has died 128-days before his upcoming birthday.

His name sums to 128.

Notice, his name also sums to 322.

This man has died on the 86th day of the year.  Blood Sacrifice = 86


  1. "Twenty One Days Orbit is a Hoax"=======327 K <<< What day is it today?

    "Russian Hoax [Planet Earth Orbit]"=======333 O
    "Planet Earth Orbit is a Mocking Hoax"=====333
    "Forty Seventh Problem of Euclid"========333
    "A Death Date of March Twenty Seventh"====333
    "Code of Three Three's and Three Four's"=== 333

    "Flat Earth PsyOp Agenda Code Symbol"====327 O <<< What day is Today?

    "Tribute to the Russian Hoax [March Twenty Seventh]"===555 O
    Secret Message within the KingJamesVersionHolyBible"== 555
    "Top Secret US MIlitary Operation Code Name Protocol"== 555

    "Triple Digits Sequence"====911
    "Freemasonic Symbol"=====911
    "Masonry Religion"=======911

    "Nine One One is God"==== 444 J
    "Agenda Title Codes"===== 444
    "CIA Black Operation"=====444 <<< Illuminati Card
    "Flat Earthers"========= 496 <<< Illuminati Card & 3rd Perfect

    "Play Flat Earthers Card"=== 327 RO <<< What is Todays Date?


    1. Oops...slight Typing Mistake...

      "Secret Messages within the King James Version Holy Bible" = 555 O

      "Five Five Five Code"=========2222 J
      "Hoax by the USA Government"== 2222

      "Fuck You Goy"=========149 O <<< 35th Prime
      "Zachary K Hubbard"===== 149
      "Skull and Bones"========149
      "Hidden Gematria Coded"== 149

      "Decoded"============149 RO

      "Alternate GOAL"========149 K <<< Illuminati Card

      "Mocking"============149 J

      How many here still trust Zachary?......I Do Not!

      Question Everything....Trust No One



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