Wednesday, July 20, 2016

42 44 68 96 | 1968 Black Power Salute, 1972 Munich & the 2016 Summer Games in Rio +Spielberg's Munich

Notice the Munich incident was 44-years ago this year, 1972 to 2016.  44 is a number connected to death and tragedy throughout history.

Steven Spielberg's film was released December 23, 2005, nearly eleven years ago.

Schindler's List came out in '93; Knesset = 93; Israel drawn up on September 3, or 9/3/1947
The date of the film's release has a connection to 'RIO', the host of the Summer Games coming 44-years later.

12/23/2005 = 12+23+(2+0+0+5) = 42
RIO = 18+9+15 = 42

Notice that the incident at the Munich Summer Games of 1972 took place September 5 and September 6, 1972.  That is a date connected to 'Freemason' as well as 'Never Again', the Zionist-Masonic motto from World War II, that gave birth to the nation of Israel, that was front and center in this false flag.

The 17 deaths remind of two related words.  Kill = 17; Mason = 17

The last terrorism incident at the Olympics was in 1996, in Atlanta, where Muhammad Ali opened the Summer Games.  Notice how Muhammad Ali sums to '96', like the perimeter of a boxing ring in feet.

If you sum the divisors of 42, they total 96.

In this list of the top 10 worst Olympic Tragedies, the Black Power salutes are ranked as even more horrific than the Munich Massacre.

Remember, 1968 was a rough year for Martin Luther King Jr., who died months before the games.

Obama's the 44th President, Munich 44-years ago...

On August 4, 2012, Obama's 51st birthday, the U.S. Flag fell from the rafters of the London Stadium, while the National Anthem was playing for the U.S., and Serena Williams was receiving a Gold Medal.  United States of America = 84; Obama = 84; August 4 or 8/4

Think about these narratives in light of 'Black Lives Matter' being labeled a terrorist organization.

I'll add that it is also 38-weeks from the November 13 attack until the start of the games, August 5, 2016.