Wednesday, July 30, 2014

116 | Banazir Contribution, Words and Phrases with 116 Gematria

Banazir of Dustban Radio and sent me the following message after asking me if I had noticed anything curious about the number 116.  I told him I had and had written several blog posts where the number was routinely coming up.  He then shared the following list with me.  Each of these words and phrases has a Gematria of 116.  Please notice that the number 116 becomes 911 when flipped upside down.
  • Meaning of Life
  • Eternity
  • Tony Blair
  • Goldman Sachs 
  • Illuminate
  • Nuclear War
  • Happy as a Clam
There's many more, but isn't that a fun list?  Thank you Banazir, you're better at this than anyone I know!  Then again, it is a short list.  Ha!

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