Sunday, July 27, 2014

33 | Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons is the band I never knew the name of until today.  Despite not knowing their name, I've been familiar with their music because of its continuous play on the radio.  Six months back I have this eery memory of walking down the street late at night and hearing this child singing "Welcome to the new age, welcome the new age", lyrics from Imagine Dragons' hit song.  Anyhow, once I saw the name I said- "Bing, another 33 in the music industry".
  • Imagine = 9+4+1+7+9+5+5 = 40
  • Dragons = 4+9+1+7+6+5+1 = 33
Imagine Dragons was founded by former band member Dave Lemke.
  • Dave Lemke = 4+1+4+5+3+5+4+2+5 = 33

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