Wednesday, July 23, 2014

33 | Michael Bloomberg Lobbying for Israel

It isn't hard to see the colors of the elites.  Tel Aviv's airport gets closed for a day and billionaires of the world come out of the woodwork.  In this case we're talking about Michael Bloomberg, former Governor of New York and media tycoon.  He has flown to Israel and lobbied against the United States's banning of U.S. Flights to Israel, arguing that it is a safe airport and should not be closed.  Let's examine an excerpt from CNN's reporting on the subject.
This evening I will be flying on El Al to Tel Aviv to show solidarity with the Israeli people and to demonstrate that it is safe to fly in and out of Israel. Ben Gurion is the best protected airport in the world and El Al flights have been regularly flying in and out of it safely," Bloomberg said in a statement.

"The flight restrictions are a mistake that hand Hamas an undeserved victory and should be lifted immediately. I strongly urge the FAA to reverse course and permit US airlines to fly to Israel," Bloomberg added.
Michael Bloomberg, like many other elites, has a name of "master numerology", let us examine.
  • Michael = 4+9+3+8+1+5+3 = 33
  • Bloomberg = 2+3+6+6+4+2+5+9+7 = 44
  • Michael Bloomberg = 77 
Micheal Bloomberg, like many elites, also doesn't seem to care about Israel's rampant abuse of Palestinians.  And be sure not to listen to him or any others when they cry about Hamas.  The founder of Hamas was assassinated on March 22, 2004 and has been used as a shill organization by these elites ever since.
  • Hamas = 8+1+13+1+19 = 42
Related:  Michael Bloomberg is also the man behind the lobbyist organization "EVERYTOWN" that is for increased "gun control", but is really about disarming the population for the seamless and complete takeover of the people of the United States of America.  Please read more about that here and the curious "gun stats" they release.

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