Thursday, July 31, 2014

55 | Khaled Meshaal, Hamas and Israel

Khaleed Meshaal has been the leader of Hamas since the assassination of the founder of Hamas, which occurred on March 22, 2004.  Notice the date March 22, or 3/22, is the number of Skull and Bones.  To read more about that assassination, please click here.  In his place, Khaled Meshaal was installed.
  • Khaled = 11+8+1+3+5+4 = 32
  • Meshaal = 4+5+1+8+1+1+3 = 23
  • Khaled Meshaal = 32+23 = 55
It should also be noted that Hamas has "meaning of life" Gematria.  As far as I can tell, Gematria is not tied into Palestinian culture, but it is tied into Zionist and Western expansion- keep that in mind as we decode the name 'Hamas'.
  • Hamas = 8+1+13+1+19 = 42
From doing this research, I have come to believe that "Hamas" is under the same leadership as Israel, and is simply used as a punching bag or false boogeyman in the sense that the organization is an excuse for military aggression.  These headlines about Israel targeting and saving the Hamas leader play into this narrative.

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