Saturday, July 12, 2014

33 | CNN Reporting on July 12 "Supermoon" |+"Perigee"

CNN has written about the "supermoon" that is to occur during the full moon of Saturday, July 12, 2014.  A supermoon occurs when the moon reaches it closest point to the earth during its full moon cycle.  The term for this is "perigee".
  • Perigee = 7+5+9+9+7+5+5 = 47
  • Moonlight = 13+15+15+14+12+9+7+8+20 = 113
The NASA contact for the article is named Geoff "Chester".
  • Geoff = 7+5+6+6+6 = 30, reduces to 3
  • Chester = 3+8+5+1+2+5+9 = 33
Let us examine an excerpt from the article.
"Generally speaking, full Moons occur near perigee every 13 months and 18 days, so it's not all that unusual," Geoff Chester of the U.S. Naval Observatory said in a statement from NASA. "In fact, just last year there were three perigee Moons in a row, but only one was widely reported."
If  this "33" thing weren't so prevalent, I wouldn't have so much to post about.

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